Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Shipbuidling Industry: A Proud Story

“The shipbuilding industry in Bangladesh is now becoming a promising sector.

This industry in Bangladesh will play a very important role in future competition against ship building nations like Vietnam and China and successful shipbuilding ventures will have a tremendous positive impact on job generation, technology transfer and export revenues, and help Bangladesh to create another ‘thrust’ sector like export-oriented readymade garments and textiles and IT”…I got these info in the web

Last Friday I had a brief visit to a very close dockyard and was really amazed to see this huge emerging industry that can change the economy of this country….This place was just the other side of the Shadar Ghat….Saw a good number of ship is being built with our local labor and technology…
Really feeling proud to see an industry that is growing up on its own……

Farashgong 721

Farashgong 690

Many Ready ship waiting for test dirive..

Farashgong 691

Farashgong 687

All detailed works are done by our own Technology

Farashgong 686

Farashgong 708

Farashgong 668

A Ferry on its process…

Farashgong 661
Light of Hope

Farashgong 626_del
Colors that really fascinates

Farashgong 678

Farashgong 725

Sorry for medium sized Picture


  1. really nice documentation, Faisal Bhai...... some great shots accompanied by a nice small description...... hoping to see some more from you....... keep it up boss!! :)

  2. nice series....
    great pictures in it...
    Light of Hope is amazing and my personal fav...