Saturday, December 27, 2008

Save Our Heritage Part - 2 : Cry of a Old fellow

His name was Bashanta Kumar Das a very progressive young man contemporary with Nababs of Dhaka…he was a very rich jamindar along with some other business with Armenians od Dhaka. He was one of main donor of one of the oldest School of Dhaka K L Jubilee School with many other social activities…and the main contribution was …he was one of the main patrons of first Museum of Dhaka city.

Anyway …. His residence was in Farashgong and lately the road was named after him ….B K Das Road. ..its 45 B K Das Road. Such a big house with more than 60 rooms ( not sure) , huge balcony , place for 8 horses … etc etc…moreover this place is a witness of many historic movement of Dhaka City....many meeting was held in this place during Bangabhango...

During the Libaration of Bangladesh in '71 BK Das’s family had to migrate to West Bengal leaving almost everything behind in Dhaka…..this house was bought by a Muslim businessman during that time ( almost free)…. Currently about 40 families are living in this building.

From both architectural and historic view point this old fellow is a part of our heritage…but sadly it’s current owner ..( who bought this building with almost nothing) wants to demolish this old building…..,:( my point is not focus on the living condition or fate of it’s current occupant….my point is to how to protect this amazing historic Building from destroy…

Some social activists did some “Human chain” type protest…but I think Govt must take some action to save our heritage in this regard…..otherwise what we will keep for our coming generation?....
Some captures from that “Old Fellow”

some source “Smrity Bisritir Dhaka”—Muntasir Mamun

A view from outside ....from B K Das Road....only the skeleton is left




A view of Kachari Mohal ( Presently a Timber Store) from Andar Mahal:


Main Two Building is divided by long Balcony


Hard to find any Grills on windows



Beautiful Greek Style pillars


is there any hope left?


sad but this is fact of life....that this Old fellow will be demolished very soon and a high rise will replace this century old "45 B K Das Road"

If you like to see the medium size image check this link:

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