Tuesday, December 30, 2008

An evening with Gulls over Buriganga

As both of my grandparents are from Old Dhaka I am well connected with the unique lifestyle and cityscape of that part of Dhaka City. This actually added an extra advantage to my photographic passion. Anyway last Friday I had an amazing experience while we were having a short trip by boat on Buriganga River. I have seen very closely how a river is becoming to a drain and eventually dying . If nobody tells you that you are on river Burigang …its hard to belive that it’s a river ( I am talking about the Babubazar to Postogola part of the River).

That evening I was really surprised to see a blissful scene over that dying river …..a flock ( about 100) of Brown Headed Gull ( Gang Kobutor/ Gangchil ). Such a lovely bird with snow white feather and orange bill was floating on the water like lotus. I am not an bird expert but still can remember we use to watch thousand of these Gulls flying or resting over Buriganga from our rooftop. But as per the local boatmen the number reached about zero in last few decade…..probably this is a good news that this year some Gulls are coming back to this part of Buriganga….bird experts can surly tell the history and data but as a common man I can see the difference is clear ….birds are coming back to our loved Buriganga ..we have to keep them coming for sake of ourselves ….lets all help to revive this river…..

Farashgong 619

Info: “Brown-Headed Gull ( Larus Brunnicephalus) is the common English name of
this beautiful bird locally its called as “Gang Kobutor/Gangchill”. Pale Gray upper part and white underpart.

Farashgong 590

With brown spot on the both side of ear. Legs and bills are deep red.

fg 181

Normally dives to the water for fish and can float on the water like ducks.

Farashgong 579

Follows boats and fishing nets. Also feeds on dead fish. Can be found all over the Bangladesh but only on winter. Doesn’t breed in Bangladesh ”

fg 204

fg 140

Hoovers on the water surface

Farashgong 508

Brown Headed Gull

I watched them and photographed till the light was available …..

Farashgong 501

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